- FIGHT Classes are Open to CrossFit Infernal Members -

We want all of our students to be self-defense experts. We will train you to recognize the signs of a possible attack, how to avoid or prevent one before it starts, and in the fundamentals of defending yourself against any attack should one become imminent. We train for the real world using reality-based simulations that will give you the confidence and skills to deal with the worst-case scenario.

We incorporate the self defense principles and techniques of the startle/flinch response training from the behaviorally researched S.P.E.A.R. System (TM), and the adrenal stress scenario training of the FAST system. We optimize our training with the high intensity fitness programming of CrossFit and a keen eye toward safety to offer a personal defense program that’s second to none.

Accept no alternatives. Call 480-422-3284 to schedule a trial class now!

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