Thursday, October 10th


Shoulder Press Deload (5-5-5)
@ 60%,65%, 70% of 1RM


3 Rounds for time of...
400 M Run
7 Thrusters (65/95)
14 Box Jumps
21 Double Unders

With Barbell only:
(x5) Strict Press, Push Press, front squat with 2 sec. pause at bottom.
(x5) Power Clean: from mid-thigh, above knee, below knee.
(x5) Jerk Balance, On-toe Jerk Unders

Then with 50% 1RM:
(2x5) Roman Deadlift
(x3) Clean (full squat): from mid-thigh, above knee, ground.
(2x3) BNK Split Jerks
(x5) Complex: 1 Power Clean + 2 Front Squats + 1 Split Jerk.

Then @ 75% 1RM,
(2x5) Roman Deadlifts
(x5) Clean 1st Pulls, Clean Pulls, Clean High Pulls.
(x5) Pendlay Rows
(x5) Complex: 1st Pull with 2 second pause + Squat Clean + 2 Split Jerks.

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