Tuesday, August 20th

Front Squats (3-3-3) for total load.
Athlete to warm up to 1st heavy set of 3 reps then increase weight if possible.
Score is total of 3 sets (9 reps)

20 minute AMRAP of,
9 Ring Dips
15 KB swings
21 Box Jumps

Warm up with barbell (x3) of the following movements;
Snatch pulls (shrug) from hip, Snatch high pulls from mid-thigh, Muscle Snatch from launch position (above knee).
Heaving snatch balance received in (1/4 squat, 1/2 squat, full squat) x3 each position.

Then @ 50% 1RM
(3x3) Complex: 1 Hang Power Snatch + 2 OHS
(3x3) Complex: 2 Snatch Press + 2 OHS

Then @ 75% 1RM
(2x3) Snatch 1st Pull (from ground) with 2 second pause (above knee)
(2x3) Snatch 2nd Pull (shrug) from ground.
(2x3) Snatch High Pull from ground.
(2x3) Power Snatch from ground.

Then: Full Snatch (received in full squat): x3 @ 75%, x3 @ 80%, x2 @ 85%

* 1 minute rest between each of the above sets.

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