Thursday, October 3rd


10 minutes of skills practice,
Athletes option (DU's,HS work, MU progressions, ext...)

For Time,
5 Rounds of,
400 M Run
10 Russian Twists (15/25)
15 Wall Balls (14/20)

With Barbell Only
(x5) BNK Strict Press
(x5) BNK Snatch Grip Push Press
(x5) OHS with pause at bottom
(x5) Snatch Balance
(x5) Sotts Press

Then with 50% 1RM
(x3) Hang Power Snatch from mid-thigh, above knee and ground.
(x3) Hang Snatch from above knee received in half squat & from the
ground received in full squat.
(x3) 1 Stop Squat Snatch (1 sec. pause above knee, explode into full squat)
(x3) Complex: 1 Power Snatch + 2 OHS

Then @ 75% 1RM, EMOM for 5 minutes:
Complex: 1 First Pull with 2 sec. pause + 1 full Squat Snatch

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