Thursday, September 12th

Deadlift: (5-5-5) warm up, then @ 75%, 80%, 85% 1RM

WOD: 5 Rounds for time,
10 Turkish Get Ups (53/35)
20 Russian Twist (45/25) plate.

(1x4) Each Movement with Barbell Only
Clean Pull from hip, Clean High Pull from hip,
Strict BNK Shoulder Press, Press from Split Position,
Quarter Squats, Half Squats, Full Squats,
Roman Deadlifts

Then @ 50% 1RM
(2x4) 2 Stop Clean Pulls
*2 sec. pause 2 inches from ground, pause above knee, explode into Clean Pull.
(2x3) Complex: 3 Push Press + 2 Jerk Grip OH Squats

Then @ 75% 1RM
(2x3) Squat Clean pause into Push Jerk (2 sec. pause at bottom of squat)
(2x3) BNK (behind neck) Split Jerks with 3 sec. pause in Split position

Squat Clean & Split Jerks (3-3-3) @ 75%, 80%, 85% 1RM
30 sec. reset b/t reps., 90 sec. rest b/t sets

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