Friday Dec 21, 2012

5x3 Snatch Grip Hi-Pulls (heaviest possible)

Rest 60s

5x3 Snatch Balance (heaviest possible with perfect form)

Rest 60s


4 Rounds for Total working time of:
  • 100m Shuttle (50 down, 50 back)
  • 15 Wall Balls
  • 100m Shuttle (50 down, 50 back)
  • 15 Snatch @ 50% (if 50% is less then 45 lbs then an empty barbell will be used)

After 4th Round is Completed IMMEDIATELY Row 50 Cals*

*Athlete rests for an equal amount of time that it takes them to complete each round..For Example: If it takes the athlete 1 minute to complete the first round, they will rest 1 minute before beginning the next round. This continues for all 4 rounds. As soon as the 4th round is completethere is no rest and athlete rows 50 cals as quickly as possible. Once 50 cals are met on the rower athlete says "Time" and wod is complete.

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